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Harga kurleb :

1 code harga Rp 750.000 untuk 1 PC 1 Tahun

1 code harga Rp 485.000 untuk 1 PC 6 bulan

1 code harga Rp 285.000 untuk 1 PC 3 bulan

1 code harga Rp 100.000 untuk 1 PC 1 bulan (promo)

Penjelasan :

More than 10 years of first-line mobile phone maintenance and training teams create drawings that are more in line with the use of maintenance engineers

1 The new version of MECHANIC's drawings is online, and it has been tested by nearly 50,000 users around the world for 1 year. The software is safe and stable, and has the best interactive experience.

2 Support iphone, IPAD, Samsung,Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi and other brand models, up to more than 400 models

3. Resistance labeling, voltage labeling, maintenance cases, maintenance manuals, circuit diagrams, and maintenance materials are all available, making mobile phone maintenance simple and efficient

4 Iphone,Huawei maintenance manual,Chinese and English bilingual, it minus the tedious translation operation

5 it can open multiple windows,one-key double-opening, perspective function, teaching function, search function,user-defined, all functions are available

6 it is now grandly released,activity feedback and it  is grateful to have you, now recharge for 1 year and get half a year, support three users.

7 Data updates never stop

8 Drawing download website: Please visit

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