Uni-Android Tool - UAT PRO Version : 133.02

Uni-Android Tool - UAT PRO Version : 133.02

Release Notes:


Added - Read Info. in Download Mode

Fixed bug from previous version for the following functions and Models

1. Remove MDM
2. Remove Please Call me
3. Remove PayJoy
4. Fix E: failed to mount
5. Remove rent a Center

SM-A105F U
SM-A105F U2
SM-A105F U3
SM-A505F U5
SM-A505FM U5
SM-A505FN U5
SM-G960F UC-U12
SM-G960FD UC-U12
SM-G960X UC-U12
SM-G960XC U5
SM-G960XC U6
SM-G965F UC-U12
SM-G965FD UC-U12
SM-G965X UC-U12
SM-G970FD U8
SM-G970FD U9
SM-G970X U8
SM-G970X U9
SM-G973X U9
SM-G975FD U8
SM-G975FD U9
SM-G975X U8
SM-G975X U9
SM-G9600 U4
SM-G9600 U5
SM-G9600 U6
SM-G9608 U4
SM-G9608 U6
SM-M205F U4
SM-M205F U5
SM-M205FN U4
SM-M205FN U5
SM-M205M U5
SM-M205Y U5
SM-N950F U8
SM-N950F U9
SM-N970F U5
SM-N970F U6
SM-N970X U5
SM-N970X U6
SM-N975F U5
SM-N975F U6
SM-N975X U5
SM-N975X U6
SM-A305F U
SM-A605F U3
SM-G935F U8
SM-J730F U3
SM-N960F U2
SM-N960X U2
SM-J260M U3
SM-J415F U
SM-G955U U8
SM-J510FN U3

Added - Search Model Option
Fixed SERVER_STATUS_OFFLINE on some Networks
Fixed Login issue on some networks .. now no vpn required
Fixed MTK Bypass exploit issue
Improved Tool login now more faster than before

D o w n l o a d L i n k



Sumber: https://www.martview-forum.com/threads/uni-android-tool-uat-pro-version-133-02-auto-update-18-10-2021.52841/